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Julia Vysotskaya Culinary Studio

Julia Vysotskaya Culinary Studio is the first of its kind in Russia, catering for all those who like and are able to cook, for those who have never set foot in a kitchen, and for those who just want to learn to prepare some new dishes.

Julia Vysotskaya's flagship Culinary Studio opened on Pravda street in December 2011. Divided in two rooms, it has 42 work spaces for pupils, fitted with all the equipment a chef needs to cook a meal from start to finish.

In November 2013, Julia Vysotskaya opened her second Culinary Studio on the third floor of the “Modniy sezon” shopping centre (the former “Moskva” shopping centre). The 130m2 venue has 14 fully equipped workspaces.

In addition to offering over a 100 different cooking master classes, the relaxed and inspiring atmosphere of the establishment also makes it the perfect place for holding events for businesses, partners and journalists. The youngest members of the family can attend special junior cooking classes and themed birthday parties.
Restaurant "Food Embassy"

Food Embassy is the second restaurant of actress and television presenter Julia Vysotskaya and it reflects her gastronomic philosophy: the use of seasonal products and a fusion of national traditions and international culinary trends. The menu is comprised of simple and affordable dishes that are big favourites in such gastronomic meccas as New York, London and Hong Kong. Food Embassy's main courses are meat and fish based and are cooked in a Josper grill or smoked. The restaurant's very own smokehouse is located in the outdoor seating area, so you can sit back, relax in wicker chairs, and watch your meal being prepared. The cocktail menu also deserves a special mention, since every item on the menu is a work of art both for the eyes and for the palate. All drinks and cocktails are made exclusively with natural ingredients: freshly squeezed juices, homemade jams and delicious grenadine, which they make themselves.
Julia's Kitchen Café

Julia Vysotsakya has opened a new cafe, the perfect every day stop for those of you who enjoy eating but also value your time. The menu at “Julina Kukhniya” (Julia's Kitchen) reflects Vysotskaya's culinary philosophy: modern-day home cooked fare that combines seasonal local products, traditional Russian cuisine and international food trends. The cafe prepares Julia's very own recipes and on Sundays you can even order the dish she whipped up during the last episode of her TV programme "Edim Doma!" ("Let's Eat at Home!"). The menu also features such culinary delights as Konchalovsky-Style Scrambled Eggs and Green Shchi Soup with Sugar-Coated Vatrushka Pies which is made following the recipe of Andrei's mother Natalia Petrovna. Boasting a cosy décor with lots of light, this new joint makes customers feel like they are dining at a friend's house. The centre piece is an island where the pastry chef and barista work their magic, and all brews and sweet treats are prepared in the actual dining area.
La Stanza Wine Bar&Café

La Stanza Wine Bar&Café – новое винное место в самом центре Москвы на Кузнецком мосту, 21. Атмосфера и интерьер мастерски созданные Натальей Белоноговой. Винная карта с самым большим бокальным предложением от Влады Лесниченко. Отличный кофе и новые авторские коктейли от Массимо Ивашуры. Идеальные винные закуски (блюда) от Хуана Карлоса Рубио Алонсо. Wine. Food. Coffee. Atmosphere.
Yornik restaurant

Opened on the corner of Bolshaya Gruzinskaya and Brestskaya streets by Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky at the end of 2011, Yornik is already considered one of the best restaurants in Moscow by many in the media. British chef Daniel Phippard, who is in charge of the kitchen, prepares a fusion of European and Russian fare mixed in with his own touches. The restaurant never uses frozen products and always chooses the finest local and seasonal ingredients.