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Andrei Konchalovsky's books

Переход от фортепиано к кино,короткометражный фильм, снятый в двадцатипятилетней возрасте и приз за него в Венеции, соперничество с другом-режиссером Андреем Тарковским, успех первых фильмов на международных фестивалях, отход от бюрократии советского кино и сложное начало работы в "блестящем" Голливуде , затем возвращение в СССР времён Горбачева. Кончаловский рассказывает о своей жизни как о беспрерывной череде встреч с режиссерами, музыкантами и представителями творческой интеллигенции,включая Феллини, Куросаву, Ашкенази, Капустина, Сартра, Пазолини.
9 chapters about cinema and other things

Eksmo, 2013

The collection includes transcripts of some of his oral presentations as well as passages from publications written by him since the mid 1970s. These include lectures he has given to students of screenwriting and directing, master classes and other public appearance, material from interviews, independent articles, extracts from essays and some chapters from the director's memoirs.
Andrei Konchalovsky. Nobody knows...

Eksmo, 2012

Why the director is so influential is a mystery to both his fans and critics, a mystery the author of this book is eager to solve.
Reactionary on a Platform

Eksmo, 2007

A sharp commentator always thrives on the latest news. Reactionary on a Platform is a passionate response by the authors to events in their country and around the world, "rantings and ravings" aimed at current politicians and bureaucrats.
You can agree with the authors, you can disagree with them... But the book makes you think. Think about the past, the present and the future. About yourself, about life, about the destiny of the country in which you live.
Low Truths: 7 years later

Eksmo, 2006

This supplementary reprint with detailed commentary is part of the author's plan to create a literary trilogy. The first two parts of the trilogy, Low Truths and Elevating Deception, were released in 1998 and 1999 respectively.
The White Lilac

The Russian Poetry Fund Publishing House with participation from the Humanitarian Academy Publishing Centre, St. Petersburg, 2001

The cinenovel by director Andrei Konchalovsky and writer Yuri Nagibin tells of the life and creative path of the genius Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff.
Elevating Deception

Top Secret Collection, 1999

The book Elevating Deception by Russian film director Andrei Konchalovksy immediately follows his first, Low Truths, and talks about the author's life in Russia, Europe and America, about the stars of screen and stage whom it has been his fate to encounter, about the women he has loved, about the birth of films and shows...